The Kabbalistic Flower Of Life

The Kabbalistic Flower Of Life

The Kabbalistic flower of life
The Kabbalistic flower of life

The base  of the Kabbalistic flower of life, contains the center that receives the light of infinity.

Around it the four letters of the explicit name יהוה “Yahweh”  both absorb the light in the

Crown Sphere and pass it at different frequencies of the four elements:

Fire, water, air, and earth, to all worlds and dimensions.

In fact, the energy passes from the center of The Flower of Life and is distributed in circles to the lower parts of it. The Sphere of kingdom is the lowest in The Tree of Life in which energy actually begins to crystallize into physical and material.

The Flower of Life is made up of spinning circles in the colors of 10 energy centers.

Of these, a person has today the 7 chakras. The 3 additional centers, which has the ability to connect directly in the light of divine wisdom are lost because of the original sin and the fall of man.

Despite this, the developed person can use the additional energy centers. And this ability gives him a connection to higher worlds, spiritual guides, entities, types of intelligent energy, information from high sources and more …

The Crown Sphere is controlled by the divine power and 9 Spheres remain in each of the four Trees Of Life where each Sphere contains 2 combinations from Table of the 72 Letters of the name of God.

9  Spheres and in each Sphere has 2 combinations and 4 Trees Of Life according to elements constitute the 72 names of letter combinations.

The rotation of the four trees of life and their spheres is against the direction of time, while the energy circuits rotate with the direction of time. The result is constant  impact of the four elements regularly on the 10 energy centers.

This is the process that charges them and gives the possibilities of life in the universe.

The Flower of Life system rotates at a speed that depends on free choice of all beings. The acceleration of the rotation of the Tree Of Life depends on the spiritual understandings of the person. The ability to speed up the process and increase the energetic frequency to allow a transition from the world of doing to the world of creation depends on the person and his spiritual development.

We are currently at the beginning of a new era and the possibility of process acceleration has been created so that all creation will evolve and move from the world of doing to the world of creation.

This situation creates conflicts between the creatures, some of whom are developed and some are still in low consciousness.

The use of 72 letter of names combination allows control over each of the layers of life in the universe.

The Flower of Life is a perfect geometric and precise pattern which all the process of creation is inherent in it.

The Flower of Life pattern is embedded within every physical and metaphysical material, even in the smallest components. The Flower of Life pattern does not change but become more or less complex as required.

These patterns are found in all universes and in all dimensions, and are in fact create the root of the whole universe hold and represent the essence of life.

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