Creation of the physical world

Creation of the physical world

Creation of the physical world. The Tree of Life
Creation of the physical world. The Tree of Life

Ages before the creation of the physical world, all creation was in a metaphysical experience.

The upper light filled all reality and there was no room for other energy. This light is called in Kabbalah “The light of infinity” or God.

A person today has no possibility to perceive or understand any experiences before the creation of the physical world.

We have no ability to influence these experiences for better or worse … they are out of bounds for us.

When the Creator wanted to create the physical world, he reduced himself to a midpoint and then a free and empty space was created.

In the same free and empty spaceת the concept of time was also created.

Kabbalists refer to an event as being created billions of years ago

From the line of light drawn from the infinity light all forms of material matter were created.

Stars, suns, universes, and of course the earth and humans.

The Kabbalah tells us of 10 screens created to reduce the radiation of the dazzling infinity light.

Because we do not have the ability to absorb light with such intensity. This light consumes the existing in the physical.

The screens created 10 dimensions each of which reduces the light to darker and darker.

10 Spheres in the Tree of Life , 9 Spheres Beyond Time and Space, and the 10th is our material world, which includes space and time.

Our material world represents the darkest dimension, and the lowest count of the Spheres, the kingdom Sphere.

The 10 spheres in the Tree of Life are used for the purpose of lowering the divine light, and they produce the prisms which divide all the shades of life and all the shades of experiences which the Creator wanted out of the will of giving He has.

All spheres contain the level of revelation of God, with the level varying according to its location in the Spheres in the Tree of Life.

The Crown ( Keter ) Sphere is the primary transmitter of infinite light to the worlds of being, It softens the intensity of the light so that all the vessels can contain it without shattering.

From there the light makes its way to the center of the Wisdom Sphere which is a first and foremost stop for the glaring light. The light within the Wisdom Sphere ( Hochma ) creates a spiral rotation against the direction of time.

From there the light bursts towards the Intelligence Sphere ( Bina ) also against the direction of time. It gets from the Wisdom Sphere ( Hochma )  along with the light the understandings needed to execute. The Intelligence Sphere ( Bina ) gets the light and begins to perform the commands that is within that light.

At the end of the execution process the Intelligence Sphere ( Bina ) becomes a prism that breaks down the white shiny light into its components and creates the rainbow of colors that flows down to the worlds down the Tree of Life .

* The color red is flowing to the left line is the line of laws.

* The blue color in its shades is flowing to the right line is the light of Grace and Mercy.

* The purple light in its shades is flowing to the midline is the High Spiritual Light and is the connection to the higher awareness which can connect person to the light of the Creator.

When the red light goes down in the left line it goes into a Heroism Sphere ( Gevurah ) which is there a transformation takes place that turns the light into a state in which the judiciary begins to operate.

This action creates the terrestrial energy that is divided into 2 poles … the connection to the right line in the law and to the left line in the law.

A right line in law will bring him to high and enlightened understandings but the person using it will be in danger and will experience the difficulties in the line of law.

The red light can bring the earthly understandings when they are connected to the positive line or the negative should therefore be avoided from connecting to this sphere if the person is not ready.

From the Sphere of Heroism the light makes its way to the Sphere of Majesty and there the law is sweetened for a person who is connected to the consciousness of darkness and is unaware of it.

This person can experience the illusory happiness that the material awareness has created for him. Because there is possibility for a person to ascend the Tree of Life, if the person is in the left line in the law then he will come to the Heroism Sphere and will fall hard and hurt.

The blue light from the Wisdom Sphere is projected to the right line Spheres.

* The right line produces faith and giving and has the highest spiritual understandings

That are in the Grace Sphere that rotates with the direction of time. But higher understandings without understanding the essence the material will not be helpful. Therefore, a person who has risen in his awareness to the Grace Sphere must do his way in the path leading to the Heroism Sphere to get the understanding of the material and from there to connect to the Middle Line and through it towards higher spiritual levels.

The Grace Sphere produces a transition from the light of faith to the Eternal Sphere which creates faith and religion.

The purple light projected towards the midline is the hidden light and it gives a person a possibility to connect and ascend the Tree of Life to the light in The Crown Sphere.

The midline is the most comfortable line for human use, it is the most balanced.

But this is a line whose use requires patience and must proof that the person using it is worthy.

The Tree of Life which is under the control of person is at low levels of the root of the primary Tree of Life. This tree has no access to man but only after the end of the period of all cosmic ages. But the pattern of the Tree of Life is the same pattern that produces all creation.


The use of the Tree of Life:

Connecting in thought after a process of cleansing and connecting to light and love to the line we want to use.

It is always better to go to the midline, where the energies go down slowly though the receiving person is not harmed.

If we want to use the right line, we should use the middle and right.

The energies of the left line should not be used, although these energies go down faster but it is also more difficult for a person physically if he is not bright enough.

Good luck

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